Pink Take Out Box Shaped Purse

4 years ago

I for the life of me cannot let go of things some times and will keep things for an indefinite period of time if I do not force myself to list things on ebay or kijiji to sell. I was cleaning out my second bedroom which I basically use as a storage space and rarely ever sleep in minus during hot summers as it is in the basement. I was actually looking for a pair of sandals and I found this pink Asian print take out box style purse. I went through a strange girly phase with clothing and accessories which explains this lol. It has an interior mirror which I found really useful when I did use it. It`s store a coin wallet, blackberry, keys, and a lipgloss perfectly from what I remember. I had gotten it at a shoe store called Joneve/Town Shoes for I think $29.99 many many years ago. I will most likely be listing this on kijiji to sell because I can`t picture myself using this anymore.

Do you save things from years and years ago?
Do you ever list things you don`t use anymore for sale on sites like ebay and kijiji?

Picture is mine and you do not have permission to use it.

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