Pink Sugar Queen Cupcakes!

4 years ago

Hi Luuuxers! Today after going to Dave & Busters and some shopping (yay ^-^), we went into Pink Sugar Queen Cupcakes which was conveniently placed near the exit of the mall. I think they put it there just so that people leaving will gravitate towards getting a little snack! Haha, so my little brother wanted to go in to get some cupcakes and we decided to let him because he <em>reaaaally </em> wanted them lol.

My brother got two cupcakes but I didn`t get any because first, I was full after the huge D&B meal and then I didn`t really want anything sweet anyways. He got the cupcakes in the flavor cookies n` cream and chocolate chip. I`ve had these cupcakes before and they`re good but the frosting on top is <em>way</em> sweet X)

<strong>Have you ever been to a cupcake store before?</strong>

<cite>*Pictures are mine*</cite>

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