Pink Polkadot Bunny Nails! (Macbarbie07 Inspired)

5 years ago

Good afternoon, fellow Luuuxers! Yesterday, I was browsing around Youtube when I came across these cute nails that Macbarbie07 (best teen Youtuber!) made a tutorial on. I thought that the nails were super cute right in time for Easter coming up so I decided to give them a shot since they looked extremely easy.

Materials: - Pink Nail Polish
- Black Nail Polish
- White Nail Polish
- Toothpick or Dotting Tool
- Base and Top Coat (OPTIONAL)

Using the materials I listed, you can follow along the video I added to get these cute nails that I made! I realize that I did mine a teeny bit different from her because mine has a black nose while hers has a pink nose which I admit looks cute. I still love my nails though!

1. First start off by using a base coat. This will help your polish design last longer!

2. Proceed by painting your pinky finger pink, then your ring finger white, in an alternating pattern.

3. Once the base color is dried, take your toothpick/ dotting tool and dot white dots onto the pink nails and pink dots onto the white nails. Be sure to leave the thumb dot free.

4. On the thumb, take your white nail polish and make a little semicircle at the end of your nail and then paint 2 things protruding over the head (ears).

5. Now taking your black polish and another toothpick, dot 2 eyes on each thumb.

6. Either using a pink or black polish and a toothpick, draw a small nose (pink noses look cuter!)

7. Top the design off with a top coat to make your design last with shine!

8. That`s it for this cute nail polish design :)

Have you tried this yet? What are you going to wear on your nails this Easter?

EXTRA: I thought it`d be fun to try it with other colors other than pink in the back such as pastel blues, yellows, greens,etc. Once I remove this design, I might try a pastel blue version!

*First 4 pictures belong to me but the video is from Macbarbie07)

<cite>*pictures are mine*</cite>

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