Pink Leopard Print Nails

3 years ago

I bought some nail stickers from Michael`s art supply ages ago, and for some reason felt like wearing them this week.

The weather has been really cold and miserable here, so I guess this was an effort to cheer myself up!

I have a zebra print and a pink leopard print, and I thought the pink leopard would be a little more fun and bright, so I chose that one this time.

I have used these in the past, and unfortunately, they only come with 10, all of the different sizes. I found that weird, since matching fingers on opposite hands are rarely two different sizes (i.e: your pinkies are likely the same size, or very similar!)

It`s also difficult since I have wider nail beds than the average person, so these stickers rarely cover my entire nail. However, since the strips are so long, I am able to do a little trimming and cutting to try and cover my entire nail. When you look carefully, up close, you can sort of see where I have spliced a piece of the strip near the edge of my nail. But luckily, the pattern hides that unless you look really close.

I topped the strips with some Seche Vite top coat, to help them stickers last longer. It certainly helped them stick, but it also caused some of the strips to wrinkle a little bit. The wrinkling wasn`t too bad, but I have a feeling it was due to Seche Vite having the tendency to `shrink` a little bit. I may opt for another type of top coat next time.

So what do you guys think? Have you tried any Nail strips like these recently?

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