Pink Leopard Nail Art

2 years ago

*I own the pictures* - for more details

1 : Choose the colours you want to play with. Never forget about the top coat!

2 : Prepare the base and let it dry.

3 : I know, maybe you are wondering what the hell am I doing with a toothpick but let me tell you a secret: its the best partner to easily make the dots. Im sure you all have toothpicks at home and if not, buy some for your nail designs! Even if it looks a bit silly, its helpful!

4 : Make some random dots. You dont have to care about their shape. Remember that they dont have to be all completely similar, because in the wild the patterns are not regular neither!

5 : Hey! Dont rush and let it dry!

5 (true 5) : Prepare the darkest color you chose for the last shapes.

6 : Paint different shapes around the dots. I can define it as U and C shapes. You will figure out that therell be some empty spaces left. Just fill them with little dots and lines! After it gets completly dry, just add the top coat!

*I own the picture* - for more details

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