Pink and yellow outfit in a split.

<div class="gmail_quote"><div><table><tbody><tr height="15" style="border-top:1px solid 0f7bbc"><td>Hello fashion luuxer&#39;s, and other luuuxer&#39;s. LOLz.. This is a funny one. In this picture happens to be my Spanish 2 teacher from last year. Haha. I love the colors of her outfit, the pink and yellow to me screams look at me. ! It&#39;s cute, and weird with the split. I&#39;ll tell you about that.. All we do is talk so the class was talking about a bunch of stuff, and she was like I can do it, I&#39;ll show you, and me and my friend snapped picks, his didn&#39;t come out as well as mine did though. Haha. Tell me what you think.


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