Pineapple Facts!

Hey everybody! Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits and has been essential in my diet plan. Its naturally very sweet, so it satisfies my sweet tooth! If you`re on a diet plan, or just wanna start eating more fruits, the pineapple may be the way to go. Here are some fun facts about pineapples :)

-Christopher Columbus found pineapples on the Caribbean island of Guadalupe in 1493 and took them back to Spain. The Spanish used the word for pine cone ("piña") for them because they resembled pine cones.

-In 1694, the term "pine cone" was created to refer to pine cones instead of "pineapple" in order to allow pineapples the sole use of the word.

-In 2005, 212,000 tones of pineapples were produced in Hawaii.

-Pineapples take about 18 months to grow.

-One cup of pineapple has about 135 calories and 33% of the RDA of Vitamin C.

-A pineapple is ripe if one of its top leaves can easily be pulled out.

-You can`t put fresh pineapple in Jell-O because the bromelain content prevents gelatin from setting. Canned pineapple, on the other hand, can be added to Jell-O because the canning process destroys the bromelain.

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