Pineapple bun w Custard!

4 years ago

An extremely famous bakery item originating from Hong Kong.

Pineapple bun, bo lor bao () as it is better known, does not have any pineapple in it. It is simply named that because of the crunchy layer of cookie dough on top of the bun, which when baked, looks like a pineapple.

It`s a sweet pastry that is made almost entirely of butter, lard and sugar, making it extremely soft and delicious.

These are one of the most popular items sold at a Chinese bakery and though they bake large batches, it always gets sold out.

Most people eat this at breakfast or as afternoon tea, though no one really knows that this is quite fattening. For a small bun a bit bigger than your entire hand, it`s about 250-350 calories, depending on the ingredients used.

And you wonder why Chinese people are still so stick tiny eating so much food? Personally I think its because they walk a lot. Cars are actually quite inefficient there.

Anyways this was what I had for lunch today because I actually missed Chinese bakery items =P I haven`t had them in 10 years. Back in elementary school, my mum would buy me one everyday.

This was my favorite! I also got one that had milk custard inside. It basically tastes exactly like an egg tart but in a bun rather than a cookie shell.

Have you guys tried this?

*photo is mine*


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