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"The Pineal Gland to the old antenna was ours, our natural device for connection to other dimensions, and is today regarded as the third eye, the seer.
Tibetan monks talk that 3rd eye, which had been the center of clairvoyance and intuition, and that in course of time if it was atrophying, which was necessary for their recovery.
The existence of the epiphysis or pineal is known for more than 2000 years. Galen in sec. II wrote that the anatomical Greeks had called her attention to the particular situation of this gland, concluding that served as a valve to regulate the flow of thought, which is believed stored in the lateral ventricles of the brain.
Descartes in the seventeenth sec, expressed his belief that the pineal was the seat of the rational soul. For him, the sensations perceived by the pineal eyes arrive, that would leave even the muscles, and produce appropriate responses. Modern studies have shown this, as in other aspects of his thought the great philosopher`s intuition.
Chico Xavier, in 1943, the book Mission of Light, "examines how the epiphysis gland of man`s spiritual life. Segregating psychic energies, the pineal gland retains descent throughout the endocrine system, the mind, using principles of electromagnetic field of vision, that science begins to identify common. "

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