Pillsbury Raspberry Brownie Bites

4 years ago

I went to the store last week and while browsing around to find something to make in addition to the cupcakes I was planning on making for a Birthday/Memorial Day BBQ. I didnt find anything that I truly felt inspired to make/create but I did find a box of <strong>Pillsbury Raspberry Brownie Bites</strong> that perked my interest.

I flipped the box over and it turned out the container included two mini baking trays, 2 individual packages of brownie mix, and 2 pouches of raspberry filling. The only ingredient you needed to add yourself was cooking spray and water. The packaging was separated in case you only wanted to make one tray of brownie bites (makes 6) instead of the two trays (makes 12). I love brownies and if I can get them into portion size without trying to have to manipulate my cutting abilities to get 18 servings, Im a happy camper.

I brought them home and ended up making them a few days later. It was super simple, a few tablespoons of water into the batter, mix, drop a teaspoon worth into each baking mold, squirt in equal parts raspberry filling, top with another teaspoon of batter. Then bake in a preheated oven for I want to say it was 12 minutes. Easy peasy!

They were quite yummy. A nice chocolatey flavor with a slightly tart/sweet raspberry filling. The filling was more jelly type based so it didnt blend into nothing when baked.

Incase you are wondering a serving size is 1/3 of a tray = 2 brownie bites.

Do you like brownies or flavored brownies?

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