Pillow Flighting becomes a Sport? Haha...

<em>We can all remember the times when we played pillow fight with our siblings, cousins, friends when we were younger right? Well, what if our childhood "games" turned into a real sport with championships and world cups? That would be crazy, huh?! But.. it`s true! </em>

<strong>Pillow fighting is a now a Sport supposedly.</strong> The rules for this game is that there are two rounds, the rounds are fairly short only two minutes. You get points for hits to the body and head (just like boxing) but with the pillow of course, no hands allowed. If the player turns their back or falls to their knees then they will be penalized.

If you still don`t believe me that this is a sport, there was even a <em>Pillow Fight World Cup</em> before and that was located in Brooklyn, New York. There were eight contestants from around the world.. Austria, Sweden, Japan and the USA.

<strong>Do you think pillow fighting would be easy? Would you want to challenge someone to a pillow fight?</strong> I think the rules should be who ever breaks their pillow with all the feathers coming out should be the winner, lol. =)

Photos via http://www.dogonews.com/2011/5/22/pillow-fighting-becomes-a-legitimate-sport, http://www.flickr.com/photos/apfla/page2/
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Source link: http://www.dogonews.com/2011/5/22/pillow-fighting-becomes-a-legitimate-sport

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