Pillow Fighting? Yes it`s a Sport!

4 years ago

The Pillow Fight League which featured stars like Eiffel Power, ChamPAIN, Polly Esther, Olivia Neutron Bomb, Dinah Mite and Bobbi Pinn ran for five years with over 65 live events. The company based in Toronto recently put itself up for sale.

If you think fighting with a pillow is easy and pain free think again. Athletes often ends up with cuts, scrapes and bruises and in some cases concussions, black eyes and loose tooth.

Some of the rules (from wiki):
1. Women Fighters Only. No Exceptions.
2. Fights have a five minute time limit and are won via pinfall, surrender, or referee stoppage. If a fight ends at the time limit with no winner, a winner is declared by a three-judge committee.
3. Punching, leg drops, clotheslines, submission holds, and other moves are allowed as long as a pillow is used to execute the attack.
4. Preventing an opponents` pillow strike by holding her pillow results in a warning from the referee. Judges may choose to include these warnings as part of their judging criteria if a fight goes the distance.
5. No eye-gouging, biting, scratching, hair pulling, or low blows.
6. No rude, lewd, or suggestive behavior.
7. Loading a pillow with a foreign object such as a brick is strictly forbidden.

Besides Toronto, events have been held in Montreal and New York (darn I missed it!) I often pillow fight with my daughter and wife and think to myself after a few minutes. Darn this is exhausting!

Talk the TALK
1) Are you ready to get smack down with a Pillow with me???
2) When was the last time you got in a pillow fight?

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