Pilates - what is it?

Pilates is based on the principles created by Joseph H. Pilates and links to these, the concepts of Rolfing, Polestar, Feldenkrais, Power Yoga, stretching, Fisioball, Gyrokinesis and other body awareness techniques and theories of motor control.


With the certainty that the muscles must be strong and flexible to stay beautiful and healthy, Pilates strengthens weak muscles, stretch the muscles that are shortened and increases joint mobility. Flowing movements are made without haste and with great control to avoid stress. The postural alignment is important in each year, helping improve the overall posture of the individual.

Thus, strength, toning and stretching are worked out within the body, making it strong, beautiful, healthy, harmonious and elegant.

Classes feature:

Gentle exercises and effective;
Few repetitions of each movement;
Large repertoire of exercises;
Classes only, avoiding monotony;
Use of equipment and accessories created especially for the exercises;
Rapid and lasting results;
Construction of a natural and correct posture;
There is no physical wear.

Increases physical and mental endurance;
Stretching and greater body control;
Postural correction;
Increased flexibility, muscle tone and strength;
Relief of tension, stress and chronic pain;
Improvement of motor coordination;
Increased mobility of joints;
Stimulation of the circulatory system and blood oxygenation;
Facilitates lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins;
Strengthening of the internal organs;
Increasing concentrations;
Works breathing;
Promotes relaxation.
Pilates is nice, easy and brings quick results. Anyone with more than 12 years and all fitness levels can practice it. Try it!

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