Piercings are very popular. There`s a lot of different types of piercings, too many to name right now. There is a piercing that goes through one part of the tip of your tongue to the other. This piercing is called snake eyes. The piercing in the upper lip is the Monroe. The two piercings on the bottom lip (just one per side) are called snake bites. Now, the piercing on both sides of the bottom lip with a double piercing are the spider bites. The piercing that goes below your eye is the anti-eyebrow piercing. I like piercings, not because i like the pain (some people do) but because i find some cute and fashionable. There`s also a lot of people who dont like piercings other than on your ears, or not at all. The only piercings I personally don`t like are gauges (in any size, not even the tiniest ones), the eyebrow piercing, and the nose piercings (any type). That`s just me though. What do you guys think about piercings, do you like them or simply despite them?

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