Physician`s Formula Circle RX Concealer

5 years ago

I think almost every girl`s best friend is concealer, and we all know how difficult it can be to effectively conceal blemishes (especially around that special time of the month) and under-eye circles (long nights of cramming for tests will definitely give you some if you didn`t have them already). We all spend time searching for just the right concealer for just the right purpose. I swear, I have 5 different concealers and each of them are good for something different. Some work best for under-eye circles, some for blemishes, some just to cover a bit of extra redness i might have in my cheeks. All that being said, my biggest woe is my under-eyes. I`ve got genetic under-eye circles, so no matter how much quality sleep I get, no matter how moisturized my skin is, no matter how hydrated I am, it never really matters because I ALWAYS have under-eye circles (though, they get much worse when I don`t keep hydrated and well rested).
I`m the type of girl who is very minimalistic when it comes to my makeup. If I have too much on, I feel clown-ish (even if it doesn`t look like it at all), and too much for me is another girl`s bare minimum, usually, but I also don`t feel 100% comfortable going out TOTALLY bare faced every day (not to say I don`t, on occasion). I`m only 21, but I feel my under-eye circles are aging me a bit more than I would like.
In my most recent concealer-hunt, I was browsing CVS` Physician`s Formula line because I`ve been pleased with their products so far, so I figured I would give them another shot.
In the past (my first Physician`s Formula concealer) I tried their Concealer Twins 2-in-1 [ ] and it was nice, smooth, blended into my skin quite easily, and was very handy, but I ran out of the skin-toned half very quickly (it didn`t help that I had spilled it at one point), so I went on the hunt for a good replacement. While looking for an exact match, but larger, I found the Physician`s Formula Cream Concealer [ ] and it was a very similar consistency. As I ran out of this concealer, I, once again, went on the hunt for another Physician`s Formula concealer. In the end, I ended up trying to decide between their Conceal RX concealer and their Circle RX concealer. After thinking long and hard about it, I decided to get the Circle RX concealer [ ] because I still have small bits of other concealers for my other problem areas at home.
Let me just say, this is the BEST under-eye concealer I have tried so far (I`m on a budget, so I can`t afford to try MAC or other department store concealers, and need to limit my concealer budget to >$20)! It`s light, but very well pigmented, extremely easy to blend into the skin, AND it`s formulated to actually FADE dark circles over time! When I put this concealer on, it feels so light that I don`t even notice it and when I touch the area with my fingertips after applying it, it just feels like my own skin! It`s not cakey, not sticky, not too thick, but not too thin (even though it is quite a thin, runny concealer, the pigmentation 100% makes up for it and makes it a PERFECT under-eye concealer)! It is just the best concealer for the under-eye area and I can not possibly recommend anything more than this very concealer! If you`re on the hunt for an under-eye concealer you`ll love, definitely give this a chance! I`ve fallen for it and now I`m going to have a very hard time going back to anything else!

My next Physician`s Formula concealer to try is definitely the Conceal RX concealer [ ] because it`s formulated to be a good everything, all-over concealer. Hyper pigmented, and good for every issue we have that would need concealer. I expect great things.

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