Physical Activity

Often we use the terms exercise and physical activity as synonyms. However, these two expressions may have different meanings.

The psysical exercise can be considered the exercise that makes us sweat and qhen you feel the rapid heartbeat (eg, run, play a sport ...).
Physical activity may be the activities of our day-to-day (ex: up the floors of our building stairs, clean the house ....).

Everything we do (even sleeping) spends calories, but of course, the psysical exercise spend more energy than the activities of day-to-day, because there is more effort involved.
For those people who doesn´t have time to do physical exercise is important to take every opportunities of your daily to do some physical activity.
For example, the downstairs of our building, we spend about 88kcal and can upload them to spend about 229kcal! Therefore, a good option is leave the elevator and use the stairs!

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, you can enjoy various moments of your day to move.

Here are some tips for daily physical activities:
- Walking more;
- Walking around the dog more times or in a greater distance. Or simply choose a time of the day to take a walk;
- Take the stairs instead of the elevator;
- Get up from the couch to change the TV channel instead of using the remote control;
- To clean the house;
- Turn on the music and dance;
- Walking around the shopping center;
- Etc, use your imagination and think about your day-to-day!

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