Photography vs Photographer Pt.1

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Module One: Lab Questions
Your first lab link can be found at The Camera Obscura.
1. Where does the camera obscura fit into the history of photography? Its the origin of photography. Leonardo de vinci discussed the camera obscura code x. Portrait painters were using light rooms to experiment.
2. What did Ted use to make the camera obscura? Cardboard box, camera lens and light.
3. What happens when Ted moves the white envelope? When Ted moves the envelope closer to the pen hole, the smaller the image gets.
4. What does the image look like in the box? What happens to it? It looks like a line, it becomes smaller and bigger when the envelope moves.
5. Do you think youd like to experiment with a camera obscura? Why or why not? No because I like my digital camera that I less complex than all this focusing and non-focusing obscura. At one point, the obscura is a very unique camera because it shows you things you probably wouldnt have notice in a digital camera.
Your second lab link can be found at David Griffin on How Photography Connects Us.
1. What is your favorite photograph in the presentation? Why? My favorite photograph in the presentation is the jet landing which is the second photograph. I like this photograph because it looks very moving and bright.
2. What is special about photographs? Photographs are special because it lets you keep memories of fun moments and loveable moments.
3. What does someone need to be a great photojournalist? To be a great photojournalist, they have to care about people and the world. They have to have photography skills and have to have an eye for great images.
4. The title of the video is how photography connects us. What do you think is meant by this? How does photography connect us? I think that they meant that photography connects us because a picture tells a thousand words. Just by one picture, you can tell a lot about someone and where they are.
5. If you could photograph any event, place, animal, etc. in order to tell a story, what would you choose to photograph? Why? If I could photograph an event in order to tell a story, I would choose to photograph every day of my life. I chose this because I live life day to day, doing new things every day, going to different places every day and making memories. I would like to photograph my life and show the memories and fun that I have when I live my life.

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