Photography and its artistic side

4 years ago

The type of photography created by Ciprian Julei can be saw in near touch to arts domain through subjects and genres that approach this two ways of seeing. This fact confirms the photographers knowledge and experience in both technical and estethetiqe domains.

In this case the photographer is the one who discover the character and specifique personality of the subject, withouth taking into consideration the rules of a given genre.

In his landscape images the textures are shifting theyr own characteristics one to each other. In this frames we can find breackable and rough clouds, fluid lands, waters that become air currents and architectonical elements like a scenery that links all the elelments on a vertical line, or in depth through paths, forest routs. Similarly in the english romantic landscapes, this element are creating a link between man and the wild nature.

The nudes appear in the eyes of the photographer Ciprian Julei as fragments of beauty ideals captured in the perishable reality, which are rediscovered by the gaze of the artist. It seems that in this way the person that stood in the front oh the camera found its own identity and personality to. The photographer knows to capture this moment and to make it a tangible prove, by giving it a support, if we can say so, that can make concrete this fact.

I think this is a real performance: to be present at the moment when your role of witness will confirm the value of the things confessed.

The impact of the images created by Ciprian Julei is given by the subject itself and his personality that seems to invade your own space. Thinking of the images created by Ciprian Julei and trying to see them in an exhibiton I feel that the presence of each one can entertain a certain state.

In Silence Talk theme the element that gives a spectaculat character to the image is not reached in any way. The photographer itself says: My philosophy in life is that theres beauty to be found in everything and everyone, and I love the way a camera gives me a license to explore that.

Ciprian Julei surprises the element in which is interested in its environement, the flower, the plant, an insect, in the final image gathering them in a simbiosis.

Nowdays, when the photographer can obtain even the most unespected details using different tipes of optical instruments, the real and true proof is given by the way in which the man behind the camera coordonates an instrument almost perfect in its immobility with the world around him in a continuous transformation. This fact can be seen in the final result where the elements that exist and was permanently captured in a frame it keps its reality and life in this still image.
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