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5 years ago

When uploading a picture of yourself to Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, or anywhere for that matter, you want to look your best. Am I right? Like different shades of lipstick, different angles when taking pictures can have different moods. So, I have composed angles that I most often use.

The Sly- Turning your head slightly gives you a more sharper face that gives a modern feel.

The Happy- The straight-forward face to camera, gives an innocent vibe. Tilting your head a TINY bit downwards gives a slightly larger forehead, giving a youthful look.

The Thought- An up-close shot, looking upwards gives a whimsical look. Tilting your head up slightly, makes your lips look fuller. Cutting off 1/4 of your face gives an illusion of a slimmer face.

The Puzzled- Lifting your chin upwards gives a rounder face. A great angle for people with long faces. I have a round face so I just look chubby.. |:

The Secret- Like `The Thought,` The Secret has a cut-off. Again, this gives a slimmed down face and if you cut it off at the right point, your nose can look taller as well.

The Worried- A slight tilt to your head gives a innocent childish look. Keep in mind, up close shots can cut off your neck, so try elongating it by wearing your hair up if you`re worried about it. (:

The Awkward- ... Let`s just say I`m weird LOL.

The Dreamer- Looking off into the distance 3/4 of the way will give your face a SLIGHT face lift. Not really a face lift but it will show your features more, therefore making you look more awake.

The Justine- This explains me...

Lighting: Try to use natural sunlight when you can. Face towards the light and take pictures that way. Remember if you`re using artificial light, put the camera above or below the light. This will prevent the awkward camera shadow on your face.

Full Body
For short legs, sit cross legged, or wear high-heels! Nude ones make your legs look REALLY long. If not, sort of make a X with your legs. As if you need to go pee but make it look tasteful.. As tasteful as a bathroom position can get LOL!
For long legs, WORK THOSE LEGS GIRL! (or guy.) Use those legs God gave you! But what you can do is to stand with one leg straight and the other bent at the knee slightly, and have your knee slightly cover the straight leg. I know that doesn`t really make sense but I can`t explain it any better!

You know what I`m talking about right? When you put your arms against your body that little roll of fat the kinda peeps out? THERE IS HELP FOR THOSE! Try putting your arms on your waist and SLIGHTLY pushing your shoulders. This will make them seem like they aren`t there! Or, if it`s a group picture, be in the middle! And then put each arm on the waist of the person next to you.

For a more defined waist, do the armpit fat trick again! Put your arms on your waist and squeeze in a little. Instant natural corset!

I hope this article helped! I`ll be posting more soon so stay tuned! Post comments and share if you wish. (: (DISCLAIMER! ALL OF MY PHOTOS! USE WITH PERMISSION.)

Love~ Justine

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