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I have seen alot of people with these Phosphor Watches, so I finally decided to buy them. Now I did buy two (with my own money) since I just couldn`t decide between which ones I wanted. So I decided to buy the Black watch with Nylon watch and the Red watch with the leather band.

I think they are both really great watches for a number of reasons. Firstly, both watches are 50m waterproof which is great for everyday wear. I would go as far to say I refuse to buy a watch if it isn`t waterproof to at least 5m, since I`m always too clumsy when it comes to water. Next, I love the shock feature it has. Whenever you hit the watch and the crystals get knocked, the watch recalibrate itself. This is another great feature for a bit of a rough person like me.

When it comes to features on the watch, this watch is simple, but still good. The watch has a feature to show the seconds on the watch. Although I pretty much never use this feature, its still good to have. Another feature this watch has is to clear all of the crystals to not show the time; which is a surprisingly great feature.

I do have one negative about this watch, the sound. Now the sound on this watch is slightly different to a normal watch. I can`t quite explain the sound, but the way the watch works is the crystals get flipped over to reveal the time. This in fact is the sound that you can hear from the watch; the crystals getting flipped over. This sound really isn`t that bad during the day, since general noise blocks it out; but at night I have to turn the watch off.

The other thing about this watch is the price and quality. The black watch is $225 and the red watch is $249. Some people are gonna think this is too expensive and some are gonna think this is approprriate. I don`t mind paying this much if the watch is good quality. Now the quality of this watch is pretty great. The watch is a decent weight, the materials used to make the watch are good qualilty and overall you can tell by wearing this watch that it is great.

Now I love this watch so much. This watch is generally so great; I love this size and how bling the watch it. This watch is a great head turner and the fact I have to turn the watch off at night really is no big deal. I think that the price is appropriate and these watches are great for everyday wear as well as `going out`.


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