Pho`s Viet: Chicken, Soup amp Rice

5 years ago

Good afternoon my fellow Luuuxers! :]

The other day my girlfriend and I went to Pho`s Viet; it`s basically this delicious, great value for low prices restaurant. It`s really close to my gf`s house and it serves some very tasty Vietnamese food. This lunch was around $8, and that`s pretty remarkable considering how much food you get!

This food was completely delicious. There`s some sweet sauce in a little bowl at the top left of my pic that`s great for splashing on the chicken and rice. Although the soup was plain, it was warm so it felt great in my tummy. The chicken was really fresh and sweet, which in my opinion is a great combination! :D

Have you ever/recently been to Pho`s? If so, what did you eat there?? *pic`s mine*

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