Phone with Eternal Battery Life

5 years ago

Like I said many times in the past and just like any person with a device that uses battery knows, the main problem is the battery life... If you see the evolution of the smartphone, the better the phones get, the less autonomy they have... It is like inversely proportional.

But a man called Arman Ahnood, that is a researcher at the London Centre for Nanotechnology thinks that maybe we already have the technology to fix that... And the solution lays on the screen of our own smartphone.

If you have one of the new smartphones with OLED screens, like Samsung Galaxy SII, you`ll know that it has an incredible resolution and brightness on the screen, but if you set the definitions to the maximum, this will contribute a lot to the battery draining a lot faster. And Why? Because the phone needs a lot of back screen light to obtain that image, consequently, more light, less battery.

But that researcher defends that you can actually use that light to make the phone into a self-sustaining system. All that you need is some kind of solar panel that instead of solar power, feeds on the light that comes out of the screen.

In my opinion this is a genial idea that has everything to become real. For now they are just trying to achieve the 18% of reused energy goal... But who knows if in some years from now we have a phone that doesn`t needs to be recharged? Wouldn`t this be so cool?

And you? What do you think about this? Would you like to have a phone that doesn`t need to be recharged?

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