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4 years ago

In todays high-paced world, our handheld mobile devices, such as our smartphones, MP3s, or tablets, help keep us connected and up to speed with the world around us. However, as convenient as they are, there is a growing security risk for anyone that owns and uses a smartphone or other personal device.

Imagine all the information saved on your smartphone. Your smart phone would potentially allow a thief access to your passwords, pin numbers, social media account, and possibly even damaging pictures or your home address. All of these things can be stored on your mobile device, and any person that manages to steal your phone can use any of this information against you.

There are several things you can do to prevent this from happening. The simplest thing to do is to make sure your device is always password protected and to include a small laminated contact number on the back so that in the event that you lose your phone whoever finds it can return it to you.

Yet even if you do take preventative measures to ensure that your phone never gets lost, there is always the chance that it will. And if that happens you need to know what to do.

Change passwords- Go online and change the passwords to any accounts that your phone has access to such as an email account or an iTunes account.
Call your phone company- Your phone company can suspend the account tied to your phone to keep whoever has your phone from making any fraudulent purchases.
Track your iPhone- Apps such as the free Find my iPhone app will allow you to track down the geographic location of your phone.
File a police report- For both the purposes of getting police assistance in recovering your phone once it has been located via an app or for filing a claim with your phone and insurance companies, filing a police report should be one of the first things you do when your iPhone turns up missing.

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