Phone Call you should NEVER call back or else you may be SCAMMED!

Do you ever receive phone calls with phone numbers you`re not familiar with? And you miss those calls? I do and sometimes I don`t pick up unfamiliar numbers then I google the numbers. If the numbers have a legitimate contact information/address and I know who is calling - and if important I will call back, otherwise I would leave it alone. Plus if the call was very important, the person would call back.

However, some people are interested or curious who may be calling and call back the number. According to BBB - do not call back any numbers as you may be scammed. There`s a `one-ring` scam going on right now where if you call back the number you may be SCAMMED. The scam is your phone will ring once and the automatic phone hangs up. Then it makes you curious to call back.

What are the scams if you call back?
- You will be charged $19.95 on your phone bill for an International Call
- Each minute you listen to the hold music you`ll be charged $9 a minute!

If you encounter any suspicious statements on your bill contact your local phone provider.

I was reading this last night and had to share it with you all. It`s crazy to see scams all over lately in the world. Can`t we live in peace?


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