Phone Autocorrect causes School to go in Lockdown

I hate auto correcting when I am texting which is probably why I stopped texting in slang (or shortening phrases) unless it`s a phrase that I saved and made a short cut key for it. In Georgia, two friends from different schools were texting each other. One was telling the other that they were gunna go to West Hall this afternoon = they were going to go visit the school this afternoon instead the GUNNA read = GUNMAN. Of course seeing GUNMAN the other student notified the school which caused the lock down. This is why I stopped typing in slang. Phrases can lead to embarrassment (I know I typed something and it came out to something totally different), danger, and so many more feelings. Before sending a text definitely PROOF READ and if you can`t proof read then that means you shouldn`t be texting cause you`re probably busy driving! No texting and driving!
Ever encounter silly auto correct fails that you would like to share? If you have an iPhone/iTouch/iPad and want to learn how to make short cuts on your phone to make texting/chatting easier and to avoid auto correct this post that I made back in December may help you: /viz/shortcuts-typing-your-iphoneitouchipad Article via Photo via Related post via /viz/shortcuts-typing-your-iphoneitouchipad

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