PHONE APP helps you Fight ACNE?!

Fujitsu recently announced a phone application that could "supposedly" help fight your acne/skin problems but not necessarily cure or treat the acne. How will a phone application help fight acne/skin problems? Well, if your skin isn`t the best, you`re most likely using all sorts of treatments and face products right? But which of the products are you using actually works? That is where the application is supposed to come in handy. So with your phone and this application -- you would take photos of your face (before/after) when trying new products. The application helps you monitor progress allowing you to know which products are a hit/miss for you.

<strong>Do you think this application would actually work?</strong> In my opinion, I don`t think it`ll work. Your phone isn`t a doctor-- I am sure technology is advancing but not at the point where a phone can tell if a product is a hit/miss for you. Some days your face may be flaky, some days the lighting may be off or something so it`s hard to predict?

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