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4 years ago

In my last post, I posted my LOTD which was a bowl of pho that I had made at home. And I was talking about how it was made from a soup base instead of boiling the soup with real ingredients for like 6 hrs or so, or is it 3 Yeah, so this is the can of Pho soup base I found. I was at the 99 Ranch Market and was just browsing the aisles and when I looked up I saw this and I was! I already was using that brand of chicken soup base and that one is good, so I was like cool. Bought it for like $5.39 or so but have seen it for as low ast $4.99, so you might wanna shop around. Yesterday I bought some rice noodles cause I knew I was gonna be home today for lunch. So I boiled some water and put TB spoons of base into the water, and it depends on how much water you have in the pot too, plus instructions are on the back of the can. Boiled it for a couple more seconds and poured it onto my already cooked rice noodle. But the only thing I was missng was some slices of beef and bean sprouts but, that`s okay. Today`s just for testing the taste of the base. And what can I say, this base here is pretty darn close to the real thing. There is no MSG or perservatives in the base either, which is a plus! I`m not sure if it`s a 100% match to the taste you would get at the restaurant cause I haven`t eaten there in a while but I can say it`s pretty darn close. So close, that I`ll definitely make it again. It`s even better than this pho soup paste in a jar that I used that said it`s gonna taste like the real thing. Not, nasty stuff there. But this is amazing. It`s easy and fast. You acutally don`t have to make the broth and have it sitting on your stove top boiling for hours. But of course, nothing beats the real thing. But if you`re short on time and stuff like that or don`t know how to make the broth, this is a great alternative. For those of you who wants to check this out, they sell it at 99 Ranch Markets and I`ve seen it at asian gorcery stores. Not sure if all asian grocery stores carry them cause the chicken broth I use under this brand isn`t carried by all asian grocery stores I go to either. So I hope they don`t discontinue this!

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