Pho GaVietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup

4 years ago

Pho Ga/Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup. Known to be the cure to hangovers, sickness, and etc. If you`re ever in San Francisco, I recommend going to Quan Ngon Vietnamese Restaurant in the Sunset District. It has the best, hands down, Pho Ga in San Francisco. Turtle Tower serves something almost the same, but I find their broth a little too bland. Quan Ngon is my go to place and Pho Ga is my go to meal when I`m feeling a bit under the weather.

Making Pho Ga and Pho in general from scratch can take a whole day! And I mean literally. When living with my parents and asking my dad to make me "noodles", he always used chicken broth. I remember asking him 1 hour before dinner time if he could make noodles and he denied me saying there isn`t enough time. I never understood until I watched him make it. And now as I`m older, I know that it literally takes a whole day to make it if you want it to taste absolutely delicious. Quan Ngon, your Pho Ga almost beats my dad`s. But please hear me out when I say ALMOST! ;)

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