Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

Back in September I received a generous 2 oz. sample of Philosophy`s The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash in my QVC Special NewBeauty TestTube for Summer/Fall 2011. It only took about a week of using this exfoliating wash for me to fall in love with it - and by falling in love with it, I mean I became unbelievably dependent on it! Ok, I know that sounds really dramatic - but let me explain my exfoliating-wash-background a bit.
gentle enough to use daily, our mild exfoliating facial skin cleanser is designed to effectively cleanse and replenish skin, while providing resurfacing benefits. select size(s) are eligible for auto delivery!
features & benefits: award-winning skin care, unique sulfate-free formula
antioxidant-rich, replenishing skin peel
2oz / $8, 4oz / $15, 8oz / $25, 16oz / $37, 32oz / $58

I used to own MAC`s Microfine Refinisher, which apparently was released a few years ago and then discontinued in 2010. It was my "holy grail", "must have", "cannot live without" exfoliating wash of all time; it was a beige-y colored product, packed full of micro particles that felt like very fine sand, and looked like a gel-ish-cream-ish blend. It applied a bit gritty, but not in a harsh or painful kind of way. It felt like a mini massage and once rinsed off my skin felt BRAND NEW! Literally! It left my skin the smoothest it`s ever been, it wasn`t even drying either (which happens all too often with exfoliating washes on me). So, when my MAC Microfine Refinisher was running low (approx. 10% left), I began looking for a back up, not knowing it was discontinued yet. I searched all the MAC counters in my area, all the MAC stores, all the online department stores that sell MAC, EVERYWHERE! And I couldn`t find it! I finally found one on Ebay and due to the STUPID postal service, I never received it although I paid for it (I was heartbroken and still am!). I used up the very last bit of what I had left, I even cut open the tube to get every spec left (cutting open a MAC tube disqualifies the product being turned in for Back 2 MAC, this was a huge sacrifice!).

After the loss of my MAC Microfine Refinisher, I was trying exfoliating washes left and right and they all turned out to be horrible matches for me. My skin is sensitive in a very picky way, I`m not sure what it`s sensitive to, or what ingredients irritate it the most, but I know I cannot handle a LOT of facial products (washes, cleansers, masks, etc.) without my skin drying up, producing extra oil or just turning red from unhappiness. Then in September of last year, Philosophy`s The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash fell into my lap. After about a week of daily use, I knew that I had found my match - it`s almost as good as MAC`s Microfine Refinisher - that`s a HUGE compliment coming from me.

The Similarities: Both of the exfoliating washes have that micro-massage texture, and rinse off to reveal super-baby-butt-smooth skin! Both of the products are very gentle on my skin, I had no irritation what-so-ever, my skin actually feels healthier and tighter (not in a dried out kind of way - more like a young face kind of way). Both of the products are gentle enough to use daily, which my skin needs because for some reason it produces a lot of dead skin. Lastly, both products have a faint scent that reminds me of rice - weird, I know, but this is my way of saying it doesn`t have a chemically smell like some exfoliating washes do.

The Differences: Aside from the obvious; one being discontinued and the other being available, the MAC one came in a tube and the Philosophy one comes in a bottle. Another note to point out, the consistencies are very different. Philosophy`s The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash is a lot thinner than MAC`s Microfine Refinisher, Philosophy`s is more like a gel-like liquid and spreads out much thinner (the Philosophy one tends to clog at the opening, but the MAC one never did). Also, Philosophy`s is not as packed full of the micro particles as the MAC Microfine Refinisher was.

In conclusion, I would recommend this to everyone! If your skin sounds to be similar to mine, I would highly suggestion buying a small bottle of this to try out. I couldn`t be happier to have discovered this product. I even bought an 8 oz. bottle during one of Philosophy`s features on Hautelook in November.

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