Phillip Phillips Kidney Condition Wont Kill His Career, Says Doctor

Philip Philips severe kidney problems will not force him to cut his career short, nor threaten his life a top NYC doctor tells Thank goodness for that!

Poor Phillip Phillips! The 21-year-old emerged victorious as the American Idol winner on May 23rd, but he revealed that hes been suffering from constant severe pain due to kidney stones, throughout the entire shows season.

Nonetheless, hes vowed that his kidney issues wont keep him from joining the American Idol summer tour. No, no, no, he told exclusively, responding to our question about whether he would miss tour dates. I am excited for the tour.

Now, a top NYC Internist, Dr. Robert Bos, explains to what Philips kidney issues could be caused by and what his prognosis is. Will Philip be ok?

The answer is yes, according to Dr. Bos. While his problem is uncommon, it it not unheard of and it is treatable, he says.

Phillip apparently was born with just one kidney and has battled kidney problems throughout his short life. His kidney may not be entirely normal. The anatomy, shape, or structure might be abnormal. For example, the drainage system from the kidney could be abnormal, predisposing him to get kidney stones, explains Dr. Bos.

Phillip may also have a metabolic disorder, affecting the way his body breaks down calcium or protein and that could cause kidney stones, Dr. Bos explains.

The surgery may repair the abnormality in his kidney or drainage system and can also remove large or spikey kidney stones, which the body is unable to pass on its own, he says.

In any case, medication can improve the bodys ability to eliminate calcium or breakdown protein products and surgery can correct any physical abnormality in his kidneys. Dr. Bos assures

He can have a perfectly normal lifespan and career, says Dr. Bos.

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