Philips Satin Perfect Epilator REVIEW!

5 years ago

So the first time I received this product, I was pretty excited because all over Youtube I have heard gurus rave about how great epilators are and what a splendid job it does for them in removing hair. Before I received the Philip Satin Perfect Epilator, I have had absolutely no experience with epilators. However I do so with waxing [which i occasionally do] and shaving [which i do more frequently then other methods], so I can make a valid comparison on the three techniques.

Okay first some things you need to know, (1)You CANNOT use the epilator in the shower. I did not know this prior to owning one. Although it was obviously an electronic, i thought the construction would be safe to use with water, however this is not the case with the Satin Perfect Epilator and i believe it applies to all other epilators as well. (2)Even with the Optimal Performance Cap, there still is pain! Don`t expect to be absolutely pain free no matter how well you think you have prepped or tolerated other methods. (3) It is not like a razor where one stroke or round over the skin will get all the hairs. I find you have to go over quite a few times.

- Cute design/packaging. I love the white color. It looks very clean and the floral design makes it very feminine.
- Many heads to switch . (i.g. trimming, soothing, massaging, regular-use, closer skin contact)It was very thoughtful how there are heads for different reasons, makes it seem like they have thought about all the reasons and expectations from the consumers. The heads are also pretty easy to remove and attach. there`s a little button on the side that release the heads and the heads have a specific way to be put on. You will hear a click sound when it is secured.
- Easy to charge. The light on the epilator glows red when it is low battery. Then when you charge it, the battery light flashes to know it is charging, and when it is done, the light stays aglow but will turn off eventually letting you know it is fully charge. This method is easy to comprehend, and makes it very convenient. The charger is also very chic. All white-color makes the product look professional, expensive and clean.
- Includes opti-light. this is very helpful sometimes when you need that closer light to examine if you have missed a spot or two, and that`s when this light on the epilator comes in handy. it turns on automatically when you turn on the epilator and you cannot individually turn it off.
- Free packaged includes a pair of smart tweezers. Tweezers work decently, not complaint but the fact that the light is SUPER bright and hurts sometimes to use in areas like eyebrows[since it`s so close to the eye], and the fact that it runs on battery makes it inconvenient for common and frequent usage.
- Includes a small cleaning brush, nothing fancy just to brush off the hair on the epilator, and a small white pouch for storage. Both item are a considerate offer and have a good use.
- two modes for different speed and surfaces. I personally like the lower speed since it hurts less, but i dont really notice a difference performance using either one. I think it`s more of a preference
- regular head can be rinsed under water. well only the tip of it.

- PAINFUL! The moment the epilator touchess my skin it was like tiny shocks in that area, and continued to the other areas as i moved the epilator across my legs. I have moderate pain tolerance, however my skin is more on the sensitive side. I didnt expect the epilator to be painless, but the pain is constant unlike waxing where the pain is sudden, quick, and over.
- Leaves my skin red and irritated. After i use it, I am left with red spots, a lot of red spots, and a tingly feeling. I also find that epilating leaves my skin with A LOT more ingrowns and little bumps than shaving or waxing. It`s not TOO bad, but the spots take a long time to fade. I do NOT recommend epilating RIGHT before an event.
- I DO NOT obtain smooth legs like i do with waxing or shaving. Like i mentioned earlier, epilating leaves me with little bumps and that`s the number one cause of my `not smooth legs`. I do not get these when i shave or wax whatsoever. Also i dont really feel that hte hair is plucked from the very root, more like it is snapped in half from the surface, and the other half is the one located beneath the surface [this part of the hair is not removed]
- it`s so noisy. The sound is not very pleasant and sounds as if some kind of motor is turned on. The sound is a bit scary and adds to the fear factor.
- The attachment caps for soothing and massaging do not seem to work. I believe they are just a false addition to make the product seem better and more comforting but it is not the case. epilating still is painful.
- battery dies fast. I do not get a full 40 minute secession, even when i charge it completely. i think an improvement on battery life would be good.
- Inconvenient. The fact that you have to charge it, bring the charger, not use it in the shower, makes the product inconvenient for travel and regular use. Unless you are willing to remember to charge it often, and take care of it, then I`d stick to shaving and waxing.
- Does not remove all the hair. No matter how many times i go over an area or apply different pressure, the hair seems to be stubborn. However my hair is no flat to eh skin so it should be easy for the product that says to have optimal skin contact. So thought it repeatedly says all over the packaging, this product DOES NOT remove hair in one stroke.

Overall I do not plan you use this product very often. I wont throw it away or give it away, but i also wont recommend it. I believe that no matter what tolerance level of pain you have or what your preferences are, everyone who uses this product all share a common goal and that is to obtain silky smooth legs, and this vital factor is NOT very well carried out by this product.

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