Pharrell Sues Will.I.Am

3 years ago

Hey everyone! As you guys know, there is always drama between celebrities. Thats how most of them stay famous with all the attention surrounding them and in the eye of the camera. Anyways, this time, the drama is going on between Pharrell and http://Will.I.Am. If you don`t know either of these people, both are singers-rappers. You guys get the drift. Plus you might know http://Will.I.Am since he was the rapper of Black Eyed Peas. These two are going at it each other and now it has come to Pharrell sueing http://Will.I.Am because http://Will.I.Am isn`t letting him create a YouTube channel called I Am Other. Apparently http://Will.I.Am claims that he owns anything I Am and told Pharrell that he couldn`t use the I Am Other name for his YouTube channel. Well Pharrell got pissed and is now sueing http://Will.I.Am for the right to to keep his name. What do you guys think about this whole mess? I personally think that http://Will.I.Am is being stupid claiming that he owns anything I Am and I hope Pharrell does get the claim to use it. Lets hope that the judge feels the same.
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