PETA slams Real Housewife for $225 fox fur bikini treatment

5 years ago

When I heard this story, I was absolutely shocked. I don`t know how you guys feel about this story, but I was a bit disgusted.

The story is about how some people bedazzle their private parts with gems, but apparently the new trend now is moving past gems and using animal fur to add more decorations and give it an exotic look. I don`t understand this part here because no one is going to see that except maybe their boyfriends or something? I would personally never go through the pain, trouble, and cost of doing this. The end result is not even that attractive.

I support PETA 100% most of the time especially in this case. First of all, who in their mind would want animal fur placed down there? I personally think that would be annoying to deal with everyday. There has to be certain things you have to do to keep things clean such as when you dye you hair. You must do a lot to keep with it and not let your hair become a mess. Plus I would be disgusted to think that I have the fur of a fox on me. Is it even sanitary? The original fur might be, but I still wouldn`t feel so safe about the fur on my skin like that.
This is just disturbing and I hope it doesn`t become a trend!.

What do you guys think?
Cool or not?

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