Pet peeve: bad eyebrows

4 years ago

One of my beauty pet peeves is when someone has horrible eyebrows. I`ve added pictures for reference. ;)

Exhibit A: Drawn in eyebrows. Shaving off your entire brow and penciling it in doesn`t look good and it never will. It`s NOT cute. lol. It makes you look like someone pulled a horrible prank with a Sharpie on your face.

Exhibit B: Mis-shaped eyebrows. Your eyebrows are not supposed to be straight across, they aren`t supposed to make you look like you`re always surprised, and they shouldn`t look like sideways commas. There should be an arch above the outer edge of the colored part of your eye.

Exhibit C: Overplucked eyebrows. Someone please take the tweezers from these people. Barely having eyebrows is not the business and I see people like this all the time. Drop the tweezers.

Exhibit D: Thick, bushy eyebrows. When I see some people I wonder if they even know what tweezers are. Your eyebrows aren`t supposed to look like caterpillars. They should be plucked and shaped, not left to grow whatever which way they want.

You`d be surprised how much your eyebrows can change your whole face. This is just one of my beauty pet peeves. What are yours??

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