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5 years ago

This is a long overdue post. This picture has been sitting in my luuux folder on my desktop for months and I finally got to posting it but there is a reason for that.

...I just lost it. =(

I love personalized items...especially key chains! For example, if you`re hanging out with your friends and you put your keys on the table. Your friends are able to figure out that they are your keys instead of yelling out "Who`s keys are these?".

Plus, my name isn`t very common and I`m guessing the only places that carry my name are very populated and have a high tourism rate. Because, I have received two personalized key chains. One from Las Vegas that spun around but I guess I spun it too much that it fell off and the one in the picture from New York which looks like a license plate. I like that it is spelled with an -ene instead of -ine because whenever people ask me my name for a coffee order or something they always spell it with an -ine.

The one in the picture was gifted to me from my friend when she went to New York for spring break last year. She told me she found it at a small gift shop before heading home and was soo excited to get it for me. It was a little tarnished when I got it. I`m guessing because it`s been sitting on the display for a very long time waiting for Marlene to purchase it and now it`s lost in a parking lot somewhere. =(

Hopefully, I am able to find a key chain with my name on it this summer when I go to Vegas and if I do I`m going to buy like 10 of them so if I lose one I`ll have a back up. >.<

<strong>Do you like personalized items? Do you have a common name and is able to get personalized items easily?</strong>

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