Permanent eyeliner?

I was so excited to try this when I read the word "permanent" on it. On the Marbella website, they actually call this the "semi-permanent" eyeliner, because of course, it`s not actually permanent. But it just says "permanent" on the packaging. The two shades they have are brown and black; I have the black shade.

Price: $19

The Application
The first thing I noticed when I applied this was that it wasn`t an intense black color. I personally love really black eyeliners but this wasn`t one of them.

The eyeliner pen is easy to work with. I find that it glides on smoothly. I personally only strictly use eyeliner pens when it comes to my upper eyelids because those are the easiest and most long lasting for my oily lids.

The Wear
I have oily lids, so the wear of an eyeliner is the number one factor I look for. This claims to be smudge-proof and I completely disagree. This eyeliner definitely and sadly smudged on my oily lids.

Okay, so the removal part is the final step that I want to talk about with you all. If you don`t use an effective oil based or waterproof eye makeup remover, this leaves the eyeliner stain on your lids.

- Easy to work with
- Doesn`t irritate my eyes (They claim that they used 100% natural/organic ingredients but I cannot find a list of the ingredients anywhere.)
- Not very intense in terms of pigmentation (maybe because it`s organic)
- Smudges if you have super oily eyelids like I do
- Leaves eyeliner mark/stain if you don`t have an effective eye makeup remover

Overall, I do not recommend this product, especially if you tend to get oily eye lids. As for those of you that don`t have issues with oily eyelids, I still wouldn`t recommend this because there are honestly better eyeliners out there that are cheaper. Also, if you don`t have oily eyelids, I don`t think you would need a semi permanent eyeliner anyways. The name seems like it`s geared more towards people with oily eyelids and that have issues with smudging. Even in terms of the pigmentation, if you like really black eyeliners, this isn`t it for you.

Hopefully you all enjoyed my personal review on this. If you tried this and liked it or not, I`d definitely want to hear your input on it. I know a lot of girls set their eyeliner with black eyeshadow, but I can`t do that because when my eyes are open, my upper eyelid folds hit each other, making my eyeshadow smudge all the way to the crease of my eye lids. Also, I definitely want to know your eyeliner recommendations.

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