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Hello everyone!!! Thank you for the kind comments for my last post, I really want to do more inspired makeup looks posts! ^_^

I`ve always hesitated when I`m about to do a perfume collection post, the reason why is because I have so many perfumes, most of which were bought by my dad because he loves perfumes but I don`t use perfumes all the time! I really have a few that I love like mad! But what if you could get many perfumes for free?

What am I talking about? Perfume samples of course! Despite having many perfumes I also have many perfume samples! What you see is what I got for free!

I learned this trick from my dad! To be honest, SA`s do not like giving out perfume samples just for free duh they`re kinda stingy about it BUT if you happen to love perfumes, you should be friends with the SA`s! My dad has soo many friends in the perfume department that they`ve seen me 10 years ago! >_< I don`t make friends that easily but my dad is a friendly person, so he makes friends with everybody..We go to Parkson, Isetan, Metrojaya, Jusco all the department stores you name it..

So over the years my dad will keep going back to the same SA`s if they`re around and when he gets perfumes for him, me or anyone else, the SA`s will bomb drop me with tons of free samples! you know why? Because they like giving free samples to regulars and since regulars keeps coming back, they get more commissions haha...well it`s also part and parcel of being a friendly person who has friends everywhere~

Even If I have tons of perfumes already and have the biggest bottle at home, I still love perfume samples because they come in the spray kind!! Sometimes SA`s will even spray some of the testers into a bottle for me if they don`t happen to have testers for a particular perfume..It`s awesome, I get to carry it around in my bag, instead of the full size or even the travel size perfumes!


Ok so what I do is I keep them all in this pretty glass bottle. and they look like I`ve stolen a whole bunch of different perfumes but the truth is I got them all for free! haha.....I also like some soo much that I keep using it all until they are all finished! As a so-so perfume user, I never run out! even the free samples! A spritz is like 0.1 ml or something I don`t know but seriously how do you run out of perfume so fast anyways? ^_^

My samples look pretty right?

If the SA`s are nice to you they`ll give you prettier samples..My second green apple sample! I finished my last one, btw I have a full size DKNY perfume in Cherry Blossom just not the green apple but the truth is, I use a lot of the green apple too! I just never run out of the free spritz and that miniature apple, How adorable is that?? A MINI APPLE for a sample! ahh!

And the Pure DKNY sample I just got a few days ago..My dad buys things from LAB series btw and Lab is like always beside DKNY so the same SA`s always always give me samples like these, to be fair, all 3 miniature DKNY samples I got was given by 3 different people over time..they`re just nice like that

I consider perfume samples to be soo handy for travelling! They are not like the full size glass bottle perfumes! If you drop them, that`s it, the end. Perfume samples are made out of plastic so they don`t break if you drop them and even if they do, no big deal lah haha!

My friends always wonder how I have soooo many tiny perfume samples and when I tell them that I have a lot of sample sizes they`re shocked hahah! I used to carry some of my huge perfume bottles when I travel but not anymore! ;) The perfume samples are soo tiny and almost weightless!

you can say I have many many favorite perfumes at different times~ I`ll do my perfumes collection post someday! Need to list down my favorites obviously! I used to give free sample perfumes to my friends in high school too. High school students don`t buy perfumes! Perfumes aree expensive! samples are also the way to go before you decide buying a full size :)! Do you keep perfume samples too?

*All photos are mine do not use them without consent*

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