Before choosing a perfume, you need to know that it is composed of three notes. The top note is that you feel smell in the first spray head, the body, which can be felt when the perfume dry skin, and finally the base note, is that the flavor that remains on the skin.

Like the smell of perfume changes as you move from one note to another, you may like the first impression, but then totally change of ideas. The ideal is not to decide the time and wait 40 minutes after spraying the product into the skin to feel again the smell of perfume.
Pulses are the best part of the body to test the perfume. But do not rub on one another in an attempt to make the perfume penetrate better into the skin, it destroys the structure of the fragrance and causes it to evaporate before.
To choose a good perfume, it is important to use common sense when choosing fragrance taking into account the season and the time it is used. The weather can change the smell of perfume. In environments with high temperatures, the scent intensifies and takes less time. Already in cold, perfumes can last longer on the skin. The fragrances that combine with the summer days and are more light and fresh, like flowers, lavender and citrus. For evening and the coldest days of winter, chypre and oriental fragrances that are more viscous and sophisticated, are a good thing.
For each person, a different scent
If you are a woman of strong personality, optimistic and full of life, citrus perfumes suit you. If it is mysterious and sensual, you can bet on fragrances with special notes, such as cinnamon, vanilla and wood and even the men`s fragrance. For the romantic, delicate, floral perfumes with jasmine, rose and wildflowers are ideal.

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