PERFUME WARS!!! Aldo vs. Burberry Brit!

4 years ago


So here are 2 perfumes that smell alike! Aldo`s "A is for Aldo RUED Eau de Toilette" & Burberry`s "Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum"!

Obviously Eau de Parfum lasts longer and smells more than an Eau de Toilette so needless to say I rather get my fragrances Eau de Parfums!

I have been wearing Burberry Brit for a long time and it is my FAVORITE perfume, I`ve gone through so many bottles of it! It simply smells clean & lovely! I get complimented on the scent a lot! ... Aldo`s fragrance on the other hand smells great but it doesn`t last and it won`t really stay on your skin... it fades rapidly!

Aldo`s 75ml bottle of RUED Eau de Toilette = $45
Burberry`s 100ml bottle of Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum = $45 - $55 (depends where you purchase it but price can go lower on sales)

I will definitely keep buying Burberry`s Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum & see Aldo`s Rued as a very lovely one time experience only!

Next Perfume Wars: Juicy Couture`s Couture Couture vs. Burberry`s Burberry London! ;)

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