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4 years ago

my sister is OBSESSED with pinterest and saw this idea on there the other day and couldnt wait to make it!! its a diy perfume stand! or basically anything stand but i am using mine for perfumes!

what you need:
2 plates (i got mine in a set of 2 from goodwill for $3.99)
a candlestick holder( i am using a glass from goodwill for $0.99 but my sister found a candle stick holder for the same price)
super glue( make sure it says it is good for glass and ceramics! we used e6000 glue from micheals $3.99)

what we did:
since the plates are from a used store we washed them out and let them dry before we used them. my sister got clear glass with raised flower details and i got the plates in the pictures that have a sort of raised rose design. after they were dry we took them outside to do all of the assembling since this glue is very harmful if you have a lot of exposure so we made sure there was a lot of open air. if you have a patio thats great we just did our projects on the stone ground of ours but if you dont make sure you arent doing this in the grass because if you get something on the glue its not coming off! the first this we did was set out the bottom plate, coat the rim of our candle stick/cup and stick the candle holder/cup the plate and applied light pressure. since my plate has texture and my cup had scalloped detailing on the top, i had to add a little more glue after 2 minutes but once it was stable and the glue was setting we stopped holding it and left it to dry for about 10 minutes. after that we came back outside and checked the stability and made sure the cup/stick wasnt wobbling on the plate. ours werent so we continued on but if yours is wobbling then add more glue to wherever you need it and let it dry again. next we added glue to the top of our center piece and added our top plate making sure the plate was center and it was facing the way we wanted (our plates were both scalloped so we made sure the detailing of one was not covered by the other). then we let that sit outside for about 2 hours so it could fully dry and air out so we wouldnt bring the fumes inside. after that we got our projects and brought them inside!!

i love mine and it holds my perfumes perfectly!! so glad my sister found it and so glad it was CHEAP! in total my supplies cost $9 (and the glue was HUGE so there is definitively more for hundreds of other projects) which is better than a plain old cake stand from our local target!

**pic is mine

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