Perfect Spring Outfit Feat. Jessica Alba!

Sometimes floral dresses can be a little bit overwhelming in my opinion but you can cover up with a jean vest jacket (or any vest style jacket like a leather jacket) and have a feminine yet edgy outfit for Spring. I believe this is the <em>perfect</em> example of pulling off a nice Spring outfit! I just love how this outfit looks!

What is Jessica Alba wearing?
Floral Maxi Dress
Sleeveless Jean Jacket Vest
Ombre Scarf -- I think the "ombre" hair/clothes/scarves/nails is a new "hit" this season, do you like "ombre"?
As far as accessories, none because the dress itself is BAM center of attention.

<strong>What do you think about her outfit? Is this something you would wear?</strong> I love her outfit but too bad I don`t think I pull jean jackets that well. I think this dress would look nice with a white crotchet sleeveless vest as well (that H&M has for sale for $29.90).

Outfit for Less:
River Island Cream Poppy Print Tiered Maxi Dress $39.37 (;MID=35719&amp;affid=2135&amp;siteID=J84DHJLQkR4-esEce_AP7LLTA5FmK.WhjA) or Old Navy Tiered Ruffle Satin Maxi Dress $35 (;tid=onsp1r&amp;kwid=1&amp;ap=14)
Roxy Sleeveless Vest $69.50 (;camp=rshpsty) or Top Shop $76 (;storeId=13052&amp;productId=4397866&amp;langId=-1&amp;sort_field=Relevance&amp;categoryId=208640&amp;parent_categoryId=208580&amp;pageSize=20&amp;refinements=category~[209873|208640]&amp;noOfRefinements=1&amp;siteID=J84DHJLQkR4-6L_W2nII9bGRiUJSpp29iQ&amp;cmpid=aff_ls_tsus&amp;_$ja=tsid:21416|prd:J84DHJLQkR4) but I am sure you can find a cheaper alternative at your local Ross/Marshalls/Thrift Stores
Target Wedge Sandal $29.99 (;;LNM=Primary)
Chicos Ombre Scarf (;pageId=39&amp;productId=570041953&amp;viewAll=&amp;prd=Faded+Sawgrass+Rain+Fall+Scarf&amp;subCatId=&amp;color=&amp;fromSearch=true&amp;inSeam=&amp;posId=16&amp;catId=cat4809275&amp;cat=&amp;onSale=true&amp;colorFamily=&amp;maxPg=59&amp;size=&amp;LkshrPID=J84DHJLQkR4&amp;LkshrCID=1&amp;CMP=AFC-LS_Affiliates)

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