Percy Jackson and the Olympians the Sea of Monsters

4 years ago

This is the second novel in the set of the Percy Jackson and Olympians books, I think in the set there are total of five books. Anyway a couple years back they made a movie out of the first book Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. The book is better than movie however I thought the movie was pretty good. I had watched the movie before I started reading the series because at the time I didn`t know that movie was based of a book series. I liked the movie so much that I wanted to read the books. I read the first book about a month ago and really liked it. I just finished reading the the second book this morning the Sea of Monsters. They are making a Sea of Monsters movie due out next year in August Im excited, I told my bf this morning we are going to see that movie in theaters next year lol.

Anyway in the book Luke finds a way to harm Camp Half Blood. He harms the camp he feels abandoned by his father which is Hermes the God of Messengers. Since he feels abandoned by his father he wants to bring back Kronos which is the Titan Lord. Luke finds a way to poison the camps defenses so he poisons Thailas tree. She had died saving the camp she is the daughter of Zeus. When she died saving the camp Zeus took pity on her and made a tree out of her.

Since the camp has been poisoned Percy and his friends must find a way to save the camp. They go in search of the golden Fleece. The Golden fleece has healing powers that can be used to save the camp. The golden fleece is supposed to be located at the Sea of monsters. Meanwhile Since Grover went off in search Of Pan he gets trapped by a cyclops. Grover pretends to be human so it will by him some time and the cyclops likes Grover and wants to marry him. Grover is able to connect to Percy and when Percy dreams he sees his friend pleading for help running around in a wedding dress.

Percy does get the golden fleece and he saves the camp but runs into unexpected issues like he finds out he has cyclops for brother and many other suprizes.

Have you read the book or any of the books in the series? I just got the third book in the series so Im excited to read it.

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