Pepperoni pizza amp a movie night

4 years ago

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<div style="RIGHT: auto">My boyfriend picked up this pepperoni pizza for us on Friday night.&nbsp; We had a date night, which consisted of going bowling since we haven`t done so in a really long time.&nbsp; It`s fun being competitive with your significant other because at the end of the day, it`s all in good fun (even if you are a bit of a poor sport).&nbsp; Before heading home we stopped by Little Ceasar`s and my boyfriend ran in and picked up this pepperoni pizza.&nbsp; We decided we`d have a pizza and movie night.&nbsp; He loves pepperoni pizza -- it`s really the "only" type he`ll eat.&nbsp; After&nbsp;we had the pizza in hands, we popped by Redbox and picked up 2 movies -- which I graciously fell asleep thru the first one - HAH.&nbsp; I will say, the pizza was really good and&nbsp;I ended up being good -- eating one slice and having it with a side salad.&nbsp;</div>
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<div style="RIGHT: auto">QUESTION:</div>
<div style="RIGHT: auto">Do you like Little Ceasar`s pizza?</div>
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