Pepper Spray, Personal Safety, Self Defense Tips for Women

PLEASE READ: As I stated in the video, i am not trying to be political or start any debates. I honestly just want to raise awareness for all women (and men too) about personal safety and to be proactive about it :-)

I have a pepper spray key chain and i get asked about it ALL THE TIME. A lot of women ask me about it when i am out and about. They want to know where i get it from, have i used it etc.
I think everyone wants to be safe.

Here is the pepper spray that I have: Pink Ruger Pepper Spray Armor Case. You can purchase it for under $10 from Amazon. here is the link

I think being proactive about our safety, especially as women, is something we should strive for. The video above talks about that.

Here are some Personal Safety and Self Defense Tips:

1. Awareness -- this is your first line of defense. Always be aware fo your suroundings. Make sure you take note of exits, people etc.

2. Know How Your Tools Work -- if you choose to carry a weapon or tool, make sure you know how it works. Study it well. This is for your safety. If you choose to carry pepper spray, I would suggest testing it out at least once every 3 months. Make sure its working properly and you are getting some practice.

3. Have Your Tool Accessible -- make sure that you have it when you need it.

4. Know what to expect if you have to use it -- read blogs, take seminars and workshops if you need to. If you ae using pepper spray, some may get in your face -- this is not a time to panic. If you know what to expect ahead of time, then you will not be surprised.

5. NEVER EVER EVER DEPEND ON A TOOL OR WEAPON -- things go wrong. Sometimes they don`t work. You need to use your body and your know how to stay away from danger when possible.
I hope you guys will adopt some form of personal safety and use any and all the education that is available to you to make the right choice for you. Again, pepper spray is something that I chose after doing the research I needed to to make a wise choice of ME. Your choice may be different. For some who are uncomfortable carrying a physical device, perhaps taking a self defense class is more up your alley?

Thankfully i have never had to use my tools, and i pray i never will. But its good to have for precautionary reasons.

Please be sure to check your local/state laws regarding personal safety and self defense items. There may be some restrictions. Good Luck and Stay Safe!


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