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2 years ago

Hey Luuuxers,

After spending some time with family over Christmas, I`m back to sharing my haul from my trip to Buffalo! My friend and I decided to head to Buffalo last week to do some cross border shopping, and I still haven`t shared all the stuff I bought :)

As I left my house for Buffalo, my brother jokingly said `bring me back something cool!`. I wasn`t actually planning on bringing him back anything until we went to the Walden Galleria, and walked by a store that specialized in hot sauce, called Pepper Palace.

My brother loves hot sauce - he puts it on almost everything. He particularly likes the new `unique` flavours that Frank`s Red Hot has now. So I figured if there was ever going to be a perfect gag gift that he would actually use, this was it!

The store had a HUGE selection of hot sauces, with spiciness ranging on a scale from 5-10. They even had a huge table with over 100 sauces that you could taste test with little spoons!

Now, I like spicy food, but I can`t handle too much heat .My family is the type who likes to `torture their taste buds` but I`m thee black sheep in that I can`t handle their level of heat. But my friend loves spicy food, so she volunteered to taste test some of the sauces for me.

The girl behind the counter was super helpful - gave us suggestions for some cool sauces. There are 2 that stuck out in my mind: one was a sauce called Chocolate Habanero or something along those lines. The sauce itself looked like it could be chocolate sauce, but it was actually a very potent hot sauce. There is no chocolate in there, but the peppers used in the sauce are roasted and they end up turning a rich chocolate brown colour. The other sauce I almost ended up getting for my brother is one called Magma. It`s a clear bottle, but when you shake it, it starts to look like a lava lamp! It`s actually just a few ingredients: Vinegar, Salt, water and chili oil. The girl admitted that it wasn`t the best tasting sauce, but was definitely unique in terms of gift giving. I was tempted to get this one, since my brother actually had a lava lamp in his room, but in the end, I decided to go for this little boxed set of mini sauces.

They come with some funny names as well, so what 19 year old wouldn`t appreciate that? Lol

So far, you can see that he has tried 2 of the sauces, and according to him they are super intense. But he also said that they taste very similar so they don`t really offer a variety of taste. Still, he was amused that I brought it home, and he and my dad have both been enjoying them lol.

What do you guys think of adding hot sauce to everything - are you wusses like me, or do you like to spice things up?

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