Peng Garden Chinese Buffet!

4 years ago

During my hurricane evacuation my siblings and I drove to Foley Outlet in Mississippi. Since it was only an hour away from where I was staying at the time being. My nephew was craving for Chinese food so we stopped by whatever is near the outlet. We have never tried Peng Garden before, but I must say their food was delicious! From start to finish. Lol

Here`s the first plate I ate from there. I had the following food:

<strong> Lo Mein:</strong> I love fried rice, but I would choose Lo Mien noodle over it any day. The Lo Mein looks like they didn`t have anything, but they do. It`s under the noodle. This was delcious!

<strong> Crab Ragoon: </strong> I love eating this stuff! I would eat this all the time when I go to any restaurant that has it. Lol. I think I grabbed four to begin with. Lmao!

<strong> Boneless Chicken:</strong> I only grabbed one because I wasn`t to sure if it was good or not. I was wrong it was yummy!

<strong> General Chicken:</strong> I love eating General Chicken. I love the sauce they had on their chicken. Certain sauce, places makes it different.

<strong> Shrimp: </strong> I don`t know what it`s called it English, but I love eating this stuff! Not a lot of buffet have this.

<strong> Fried Shrimp:</strong> I eat this all the time. My mom knows how to make this so yeah! It`s basically bread crumbs and shrimps. Haha Yet again, I grabbed only one. :)

<strong>Beef and Vegetables:</strong> One of my favorites! I eat this a lot at home. Good stuff!

Overall, the food here are so good! When you eat their food it would be hot! Drool!

1. What`s your favorite Chinese food?
2. Do you eat at the Buffets all the time?

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