Peking Duck with buns amp shrimp chips!

My boyfriend treated my friend and I out for lunch today and he decided to order this <strong>pecking duck</strong> to share as an appetizer among the three of us. We weren`t sure how the peking duck was going to be presented with but I`m relief it wasn`t served with rice because I`m sick of rice and not a fan. This meal is served with buns and shrimp chips. It was pretty expensive, $30 but I think it`s worth it because it took twenty minutes to cook plus it`s all boneless meat except the thighs which is nice cause I hate bones!

<strong>What came in this Peking Duck Meal?</strong>

Whole Peking Duck without bones!
Shrimp Chips

Overall: This was super yummy, way enough for three to share and I love how great the duck goes with the buns. I`m not a fan of the shrimp chips but my boyfriend was. The hoision sauce went super yummy with the buns!

<strong>Do you like peking duck? What do you like to eat peking duck with?</strong>

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