Peking Duck Round 2, Clam Chowder, Tortilla Soup, Wedge Salad

This was the lunch I shared with my boyfriend yesterday cause I didn`t like my ribs I ordered that he eventually brought to go home to eat. =( But we had a mighty big lunch as you can tell plus I ate off my friend`s plate too cause she ordered two huge entrees, lol.

What my boyfriend & I shared for lunch yesterday:

Peking Duck round 2. This is our second time eating this entree for the month I believe? Lol. When we go out and we find something we enjoy, we usually order that a few times before we get sick of it. <em>Anyone like that too?</em>

The peking duck comes with a whole duck without bones
and underneath the duck there are crispy shrimp chips served with vegetables, buns and hoision sauce which is extremely salty. The peking duck takes about 20-30 minutes to cook so we`re served complimentary soups. My boyfriend tried their new soup which was the clam chowder. He said it was extremely yummy and very creamy. I on the other hand settled with the usual tortilla soup. I love how it`s topped with avocado and slices of tortilla chips so yummy! I also ordered a wedge salad on the side. I like the cheese they put on the side but I don`t remember what cheese it is.

Everything was absolutely delicious! This cost about $35 which is quite pricey cause you can buy the duck at an Asian market made already for like $10 but the restaurant gotta make profit. =)

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