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Yo.(I own all rights...etc. to the picture above :)) Anyways,My day was...craycray in the veejay?!First,my day started off prettah well.It all started in Advisory class[Tuesdays and Thursdays are advisory days]I got all As,because progess reports were handed back.Which explains why I`m using the computer at the moment.Yay!Brahdy was talking about "jive turkey".I know what it means though.Why is t offensive?Then,I went to math class with the kwel kids,yo.Love those people.Then I had to go peepee.I went to the bathroom and peed on my suspenders.I was wearing suspenders at the moment and I forgot to remove them.[I was wearing Forever21 suspenders that were too big for my pants and didn`t work]I wrapped to suspenders up[I`m a rapper,yo.]Then,when the went to my locker to put the PS away,I went to science.But before that I had LA and stuck my finger into the prongs of the binder...OUCH!]Science sucked major balls.We had to do partners for science and she said we had to have only 2,not 3[even though we didn`t really NEED 3].We came up with process of elimination for Alexes.Me VS. Seirra[not how you spell her name..?]She got to be partners with Alexes fair and square:D But the thing is,I don`t think that she likes me to slightest extent.She tries[and fails] to embrass me by talking about Helen.Okay,Helen is my sister and family is family and that`s how it goes.Even if she is considered special ed.She`s normal to me and I`m proud to be her sister,even though sometimes she gets into my things.Hana is a different story.I don`t like Hana because she is bossy and just,not nice to me.She`s also a tattletale.Anyway!S-Dawg doesn`t like me because A.]I`m friends with Alexes. B.]I`m unpopular,crazy,nerdy,and weird. At lunch I was talking about my dream camera,the canon eos rebel T4i <33.And gave Alexes a look.They do this whenever I talk about things like Hevletica,Cameras,or non-mainstream music.It doesn`t really bug me because Alexes and I aren`t really close anymore.I think I should find more friends that support me and don`t act like sneaky jive turkeys.Don`t STOP color on the walls!!!!{sorry ftp are amazing!}I have to find friends like Kaitlin.Shoutout to her,holla!On another note,I want to figure out who S likes so far,I`ve gathered that in 9th grade,has 6th period PE,she knew him when he was little,and was popular[or is.]. Honestly, I don`t think that S will ever get this guy because he is popular and she is not.About a quarter or less of the people that I hang out with are what I call wannabees.The want to be Queen Bees.[They can`t be popular for some reason.]So yeah.Blogging is pretty fun,but I wouldn`t want to be Jenna Hamilton from Awkward.Do you guys[whos reading?]like Awkward?If so, Team Jake or Team Matty? I mean,yeah people might stumbleupon this website or something.I mean,come on, it`s the INTERNET.Anyone can have acess to this blog/entry.Speaking of blog,my mom said that this 14 year old girl had a blog and she turned crazy.[q-uh-ing as my mom said it,Vietnamese for cracray in the veejay]So yeah,Peace out gr.r.r.r.L scout :D

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