Peek-A-Boo Braids

I don`t do anything with my hair because it doesn`t stay curled unless I use a lot of hair spray and I`m just not a fan of styling my hair. I always leave it the way it is. I was browsing through YouTube and came across JaaackJack and she did a How To tutorial on peek a boo braids and I thought I would try since it wasn`t very complex and looked nice on her. (For a clear view of how it would look: Click the link below)

How to do a Peek a Boo Braid?
1. Pick a spot where you want to put the braid.
2. Gather some hair and do a normal 3 strand braid.
3. Tie it and that`s it.
4. Optional: To make it more fun use some fabric from an old shirt and incorporate it in the braid.

It`s fairly hard to see the peek a boo braid in picture plus that day was pretty sloppy but since I always put part of my hair back to my ears, you`ll be able to see the peek-a-boo braid and I really like it. In person you`ll be able to see it but in pictures not so much unless I braid more chunks of my hair.

I think it`s a fun and easy thing to do. It`s been my go to hair style lately, nothing so noticeable though and takes less than a minute or two!

As for the Conair Styling Essentials Pony Tailers they had 2 options the metal free and also another metal free but it looked thicker. The one I purchased was $2.99 whereas the other metal free but is thicker was $0.99. Both came in a pack of 75.

As a NOT-savvy hair person, these pony tailers work fine. It doesn`t slip off my hair, doesn`t hurt, holds well. The only sucky thing is that I lose it easily (but that`s not my fault and not the products) Lol.

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